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The "Current Mode Amplification" technology, developed and designed by Questyle Audio CEO and founder Wang Fengshuo, provides the airiness and musicality of a tube amp while maintaining the speed and accuracy of transistors. This technology is subject to a PCT patent. 
In current mode amplification, the signal is amplified by modulating current instead of Voltage. It is widely applied in the high speed communication industry and the video processing industry. However, it is Questyle Audio's patented technology as applied to headphone amplifiers. 
The goals of all high performance amplifiers is low distortion and wide bandwidth. Only with ultra wide bandwidth and high speed processing can an amplifier wonderfully process sudden pulse wave signals, and achieve realistic playback of music signal with speed and transparency. 
In order to achieve this, Questyle Audio abandoned the traditional voltage mode format and developed "Current Mode Amplification." When the component is working in Current Mode, the amplifier Slew Rate (SR) achieves a linear increase as input signal amplitude increases, in direct proportion to the input signal amplitude. 
When receiving a high amplitude signal, a "Current Mode" amplifier's SR is much faster than traditional Voltage mode devices, totally eliminating TIMD and ensuring a high amplitude signal with an extremely wide linear bandwidth and an almost distortion free realistic playback. 
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