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Bellari VP130 Stands

Bellari VP130


The vp 130 is a tube phono preamp with a built in headphone ampli..

$299.00 CDN

DAC 25.3 Clearance

DAC 25.3

Music Hall

The dac25.3 features the latest texas instruments (formerly burr-brown) PCM 1796 24bit/192kHz, adv..

$699.00 CDN

PH 25.2 Clearance

PH 25.2

Music Hall

While kicking around ideas for our new headphone amp we thought, why not try this same technique i..

$499.00 CDN

QP1R Portable Music Players



Clearance on New in the box stock. $1,299 Price now $ 699.The Arc body of the Questyle QP1(16GB) &am..

$699.00 CDN

SR-207+SRM252S Headphones



  Package offer SR-207 with SRM-252S             ..

$630.00 CDN

SRE-750 (16 Ft Extension Cable) Accessories

SRE-750 (16 Ft Extension Cable)


Retail $ 250. Now 158.We've newly designed an extension cord for a low-capacity parallel cab..

$158.00 CDN

SRE-950S (16 Ft Extension Cable) Accessories

SRE-950S (16 Ft Extension Cable)


Retail $595. Now $375.The high-purity copper developed from the necessity of wiring large-sc..

$375.00 CDN

SRS-3170 Headphones



 SR 307 and SRM323S Was 1,650. Clear out price $ 1,040. 1 set remaining.The first SR-? (l..

$1,040.00 CDN

SRS-4170 Headphones



SR-407 + SRM 006ts Was $2350. Clear out $ 1,485. - 1 set remaining.  The first SR-? (lamb..

$1,485.00 CDN

SRS-5170 Headphones



SR507+ SRM 72711 system. Was 3850. Clear Out $ 2,430. I set remaining.The Reference System is the hi..

$2,430.00 CDN

VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones Headphones

VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones


 Was $329. Sale now $ 199.NAD VISO is the culmination of more than 40 years of dedica..

$199.00 CDN

Acurus 2002.html

Acurus 2002

Acurus power amplifier. Made in U.S.A2 CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER200 Watts per channel.Benefits:high-qu..

$1,900.00 CDN

Acurus A2005.html

Acurus A2005

The A2005 is a five-channel home theater amplifier in the Acurus series. The A2005 is the core of a ..

$2,700.00 CDN

Acurus A2007.html

Acurus A2007

The Acurus A2007 is the seven-channel home theater amplifier in the Acurus A2000 series. Like the A2..

$3,100.00 CDN

B Tech Clearance

B Tech

The original and best made side clamping speaker mount, do not accept imitationsAdjustable clamp fit..

$65.00 CDN

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